TSC Specifies New Teacher Retirement Age

TSC Specifies New Teacher Retirement Age

TSC Clarifies New Teacher Retirement Age. The retirement age for teachers who work in dry and semi-arid climates has now been raised by three years by TSC.

A later retirement age for teachers has been approved by the Teachers Service Commission. The commission has delivered contract letters to professors who have already retired due to the increase in the retirement age.

Garissa County is one of the counties impacted by these modifications.

In the most recent developments involving retired teachers, Dr. Nancy Macharia, the chief executive officer of the Teachers Service Commission, gave priority to the instructors from the northeastern region.

Numerous professors’ dislike of these locations has raised this issue. This is especially true for teachers who travel to these locations.

Because of the ongoing wave of teacher retirements, there will be a significant lack of instructors for these disciplines, claims Macharia. She also mentioned that there is already a teacher shortage in the region as a result of the departure of teachers from elsewhere.

On a three-year contract, the teachers service commission will hire retired teachers from these institutions to work for the commission in exchange for compensation. Then, until they reach their official retirement age, instructors will be given an additional three years of retirement.

In a press statement dated May 18,2023, Macharia said that the teachers service commission in the three counties (Garissa, Mandera, and Wajir) had been persuaded to hire teachers on a new short-term contract.

All instructors who have reached this retirement age must submit their information to the county TSC offices. This is accurate for teachers who desire to get letters from the aforementioned counties.

Once the complete budget has been approved, letters will be sent to intern teachers. These messages will point readers to these websites over a protracted, pensionable time.

TSC Specifies New Teacher Retirement Age




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