TSC orders educators to pick 1,900 letters of promotion.

TSC orders educators to pick 1,900 letters of promotion.

There have been at least 1,900 letters of recommendation for county-based school administrators delivered by the Teachers Service Commission (TSC).

Owners in several counties have already received posting letters. The letters’ release has been delayed even though the interviews are over.

The newly posted teachers have already received their letters in order for them to report to their new station and start working next term.

TSC initially released a notice for 14,738 teacher promotions in December 2022 before taking it down.

It then requested additional applications in January, March, and May of this year after failing to attract the required number of applicants.

The Commission has not yet distributed letters to teachers who submitted applications to become senior teachers. While they wait for confirmation, some teachers were acting in an interim capacity as senior teachers.

According to the TSC database, which is also available in county and subcounty directors offices, the majority of the teachers who participated in promotion interviews in March and were selected for the positions they applied for have not yet been posted.

A top TSC official attributed the delays on the lack of funding, which is being provided by the government piecemeal.

He stated that as long as it has funding, the Commission would continue to promote and post the teachers.

TSC CEO Nancy Macharia has criticized instructors for both their own inertia and the lack of progress they have received.

She claimed that academics were reluctant to apply for positions in other states that promised progression.

She noted that since teacher progress now relied on the number of opportunities in a certain county, “promotion based localisation” was a problem the commission had to deal with.

She explained to the parliamentarians in attendance at her appearance before the National Assembly Education Committee that “teachers are only competing for vacancies in their own counties as they cannot be “transferred” to other counties.”

The TSC head said that the commission had 14,738 job opportunities at the start of this year in order to fill positions that had become vacant due to natural attrition.

Only 11,231 teachers were hired, though, while 3,507 posts remained vacant due to a lack of suitable applicants. 1,021 of these jobs were reserved for teachers as part of the affirmative action program.

TSC published job postings for the posts of chief principal, principal, deputy principal, senior master, headteacher, and senior teacher for both ordinary and special schools.




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