P1 teachers gets a pay increase of 6,000 Shillings.

 P1 teachers gets a pay increase of 6,000 Shillings.

All P1 teachers will receive a 6000 Ksh salary increase. The Teachers Service Commission is the only commission in Kenya with the aforementioned declared purpose.

Employ teachers Rewarding teachers

Promote educators to a different category of employment. To shift teachers from one workstation to another, in addition

In general, the Teachers Service Commission handles any matters that in any way affect teachers.

The commission is now under the direction of Dr. Nancy Macharia. Nancy now serves as the CEO of the Teachers Service Commission.

The top management of the Teachers Service Commission, under the direction of Dr. Macharia, is always looking for ways to make sure that all teachers across the country like working for the commission.

All P1 teachers would receive a pay raise of 6,000 Kenyan shillings per month, according to the commission’s most recent information, TSC. This has been welcomed with open arms by all of the teachers who are predicted to receive raises.

All elementary school teachers would benefit from the pay hike, which is anticipated to start in July. When the students return to class following the midterm break, this will take place.

Dr. Macharia spoke at the time of these announcements, assuring all primary school teachers that the Teachers Service Commission is enthusiastic and prepared to increase compensation for all P1 teachers across the many schools in the country.

She continued by saying that this augmentation will be put into place because elementary school teachers are familiar with many of the activities that pupils take part in during their early stages of development.

There are many depressing news items in the country, but there is hope since the country is surviving a very difficult economic moment thanks to higher taxes that have risen food costs and the passage of the 1.5 percent housing levy proposal in parliament.

 P1 teachers gets a pay increase of 6,000 Shillings.

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